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2009-07-29 18:58:53 by ToxicYell

So I have this idea for a series that I will be making a trailer of soon.
It's called Purgatory and it's about 4 teenagers that wake up one day to find that the zombie apocalypse has hit their quiet and quaint neighborhood.
I'm planning on making a lot of episodes to it seeing as though the main plot is about them crossing the US from PA to CA, trying to escape the reach of the Dead Line (the line that chronicles how far the infection has spread)
I'm still working on character names but I know that the main character's name is David Sheppard and the main villain's name is Dr. Wishepko.
It might take a long time because since it's going to be so long, I have to write the story before animating it.
I actually have to script everything because there's going to be a lot of dialogue.
It's going to be a very serious series with lots of blood and partial nudity.
Guns, swords, girls, chainsaws...Pretty much everything needed to make a zombie series...well...a zombie series lol
The humor is very dark and normally related to deaths.
The story behind Dave is that he is a 17 year old in high school that lives next to a very hot girl, Kristen.
He comes from a broken home and his brother died in prison.
David is usually very shy, but when it involves Kristen, he gets sudden boosts of confidence that force him to do anything.
For a zombie series, the story is going to be very different compared to others.
It's very deep and has a lot of twists that will leave the viewer begging to see more.
I call it Purgatory because of the first line in the story.
"10 years...It's been 10 years happened. The world we once knew is now a vast wasteland of dust and ash. The once blue skies have turned gray and black. There was no god. There was no devil. This wasn't hell, but it was far from heaven. This is purgatory. The in between. The vast plains of nothingness."
I'm looking for voice actors that can read a script and act fairly well.
I'll be playing the voices of David and Bane, seeing as though Bane's voice will be modified.
I'll explain more of it to you!
Just leave a comment with any question you might have and I'll respond! =]


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2009-07-30 21:18:07

All I can say is Good Luck!

ToxicYell responds:

Thanks! =D


2009-07-31 00:10:25

Sounds kinda cliche

good luck though

ToxicYell responds:

Yeah, I was expecting a response like that from someone eventually xP
It's very different though, trust me.
I just cant give away too much.
What would be the point in animating it if I told you the whole story right here? xD


2009-07-31 13:13:01

Tell me how to get a headset working with a computer and you got a voice. xD

ToxicYell responds:

I'm not exactly sure how to get it plugged in, but you could check a few tutorials =]


2009-08-02 18:21:07


(Updated ) ToxicYell responds:

deamn indeed my friend =P


2009-08-11 05:47:57

all i got from that was the word zombies, so good luck with whatever it is :D

ToxicYell responds:

haha! thanks xP


2009-12-14 17:03:28

i like it :D keep up the good work man :]