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2009-07-29 18:58:53 by ToxicYell

So I have this idea for a series that I will be making a trailer of soon.
It's called Purgatory and it's about 4 teenagers that wake up one day to find that the zombie apocalypse has hit their quiet and quaint neighborhood.
I'm planning on making a lot of episodes to it seeing as though the main plot is about them crossing the US from PA to CA, trying to escape the reach of the Dead Line (the line that chronicles how far the infection has spread)
I'm still working on character names but I know that the main character's name is David Sheppard and the main villain's name is Dr. Wishepko.
It might take a long time because since it's going to be so long, I have to write the story before animating it.
I actually have to script everything because there's going to be a lot of dialogue.
It's going to be a very serious series with lots of blood and partial nudity.
Guns, swords, girls, chainsaws...Pretty much everything needed to make a zombie series...well...a zombie series lol
The humor is very dark and normally related to deaths.
The story behind Dave is that he is a 17 year old in high school that lives next to a very hot girl, Kristen.
He comes from a broken home and his brother died in prison.
David is usually very shy, but when it involves Kristen, he gets sudden boosts of confidence that force him to do anything.
For a zombie series, the story is going to be very different compared to others.
It's very deep and has a lot of twists that will leave the viewer begging to see more.
I call it Purgatory because of the first line in the story.
"10 years...It's been 10 years happened. The world we once knew is now a vast wasteland of dust and ash. The once blue skies have turned gray and black. There was no god. There was no devil. This wasn't hell, but it was far from heaven. This is purgatory. The in between. The vast plains of nothingness."
I'm looking for voice actors that can read a script and act fairly well.
I'll be playing the voices of David and Bane, seeing as though Bane's voice will be modified.
I'll explain more of it to you!
Just leave a comment with any question you might have and I'll respond! =]

Go to this topic and try to apply =] 0211

Best Flash series!!!

2009-07-22 16:41:14 by ToxicYell

I just got Flash again and figured I'd start on a search for some inspiration. Meaning that I started scoping out some of Newground's most famous and well known series. So, I figured I'd list a few series that have really kept me interested these past couple years =]

-Weebl and Bob
-Neurotically Yours
-Salad Fingers
-Jerry Jackson
-Kermit Kombat
-Wily Shorts

Those are the ones I've really been paying attention to as of now. Any you think I should watch? Let me know! I really wanna know what kind of great things hide in Newgrounds.

REAL Video-Game discussion!

2009-07-21 23:28:49 by ToxicYell

I've been really bored lately with the lack of communication with other Newgrounders and I was playing a game today that I haven't played in awhile =]
Starfox 64...Aww man I remember that when I was in elementary school...
Good times, good times.
But yeah! I just figured I'd say, Everybody, go play a game you haven't played since your childhood!
Relive some past memories!
Stay up late and beat it or try and beat your high score!
Guarantee you'll have more fun than you've had for awhile =]
Oh! And from now on, if I get anymore hate comments from these sad wastes of skin, I'm just banning and deleting the comments. End of story.

Chaos Mushrooms Ep. 3

2009-07-21 16:14:48 by ToxicYell

So, I didn't get too much publicity with the first two. So, I figure I'll post another just to see where it gets me. If I don't get enough comments, I wont post anymore, simple as that. It'd be pretty sad too since the story has yet to unfold. I've worked my ass off on these. I even had to make my own sprites and backgrounds. I'm testing some better word bubbles to replace the squares but, I'm hoping you guys can give me some constructive criticism as to how I can make it more suiting for you guys. So, I give you: Chaos Mushrooms Ep. 3- Warp Pipes

Chaos Mushrooms Ep. 3

Chaos Mushrooms Ep. 2

2009-07-18 04:45:55 by ToxicYell

A bit soon I realize but, I finished another one and just couldn't help but post it xD
Just a fun fact, I had to build every mushroom kingdom background that I use lol. So, this took some serious hard work for me.
Presenting, Chaos Mushrooms Ep. 2- No Time For Hello's
(PS: First time on my page? View the post directly before this one before reading the comic.)

Chaos Mushrooms Ep. 2


2009-07-18 02:07:05 by ToxicYell

I've been working on getting together a shit load of sprites in order to make a sprite comic series that I will post through News Posts. It's called Chaos Mushrooms. Its a comic collision between Mario and Sonic that I'm hoping you will enjoy. So, without further ado, I present the first episode of Chaos Mushrooms entitled: The Portal. (PS: The dialogue is read from top to bottom. Whichever thought square is closest to the top of the frame is what should be read first.



2009-07-13 04:28:38 by ToxicYell

This has been achin' me for quite some time now...
Why have all you Newgrounders been so nice?!
Newgrounds was and still IS a great site for flash, audio, and now even art!
But everyone has been so merciful towards these mediocre artists that post their random stupid sh** here!
If you don't show some critic's backbone, nobody will ever learn and they'll think that their mediocre random stupid sh** is ok and fine the way it is!
If you don't explain what needs improving and not show so much sympathy for "newbies" than that's the only thing we'll keep getting!
Teach animators to make better things!
Tempt musicians to produce better audio!
And inspire artists to draw better art!
I'm not cold blooded, but I'm not completely merciful!
Do you know how long it's been since I've seen a flash under judgment that I actually gave a perfect 10?!
This is the cause of babying new flash animators!
You gotta bring down the hammer of votes and the axe of reviews!
All I really ask is,
there are very few flash submissions that might even be considered perfect,
so please, do the animator a favor and actually take the 30 seconds to tell them what can be better about their flash. Even if it's total crap, tell them how to make it seem like less crap.
Unless, of DESERVES to be hated.
Than I believe that it should be removed without question.
Filtering is my key point here.
Once you filter out the dirt, there's bound to be some gold.
That's all I really ask.
Oh! And a message to all you flash artists that cant take some freaking constructive criticism...
Take the advice, don't shun it.
Advice goes a long way on here.
You wont win fans unless you listen to them.
And if you actually took the time to read this, thanks =]
I hope I struck a cord lol

A lil about me

2008-03-28 00:40:55 by ToxicYell

Well, my name is KC.
I've been an avid Newgrounder for quite a while now.
I'm mostly here to review and rate things that I like and help clean up Newgrounds of its crap lol.
I'm a musician that plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, sings, screams, and even raps xP
I'm an oldschool gamer that plays RPG's like Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy.
I mainly follow Nintendo but Squaresoft and Sega are fun too =]
Sonic has got to be by favorite childhood memory.
I have a girlfriend. Her name is Christina (don't ask for pictures lol).
I haven't gotten to use Flash but, I post any music that I make and any pictures I draw here.
To warm up for Flash, I post sprite comics through my News Posts.
I hate spammers and ignorant people.
I try my best to be nice and help out rookies.
I hate the little fucks on Newgrounds that just pop in to say rude shit to you.
I really think they should get a life.
I know Newgrounds isn't such a nice site, but I mean...Why so hateful?
lol But anyway, I'm planning on making a few flash submissions, but I have to make things perfect. I don't want to post anything that I'm not confident with.
Keep in touch and I'll update you! =]